Chamber of Commerce Awards Dr. Maleyko Business Leader of the Year

Dr. Glenn Maleyko was presented with the Business Leadee of the Year award by the Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce.

The “Students First: Inspire Educate Celebrate” vision statement and the many students posing with the sign were featured in the slide show. Dr. Maleyko promotes partnerships with businesses and community organizations for the benefit of students. His relentless social media efforts are focused on highlighting the achievements of students. Congratulations everyone! This award is about YOU!

Kindergarten Round Up includes Young Fives

The kindergarten Round up schedule for twenty one elementary schools can be viewed at  Parents should attend the round up date at their neighborhood school. Much information and additional enrollment forms will be available.

Parents of young kindergarten students (June-Dec 1 Birthdays) are eligible to enroll in Young Fives, space permitting. There are 14 Y5 classrooms in Dearborn.

Additional information on school websites. Click the link above, check the drop down menu under schools and find website link for the school in your neighborhood. Or call 313-827-3005 to find out which school is in your neighborhood.

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