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Fordson Feeder Reads at William Ford

Our second Fordson Feeder Reads event was a success!  Staff facilitated 4 stations and the Dearborn Public Library provided a 5th station:

  • Station 1:  Students were able to take a free book
  • Station 2: Staff provided blank books, markers, and pencils for the kids to make books.
  • Station 3:  Staff took time to read 3 different books about kindness to students and parents present.
  • Station 4:  Staff provided 2 different science activities.  Students were able to make mini kites and experiment with chromatography (ink splitting).
  • Station 5:  The Dearborn Public Library staff was present to share materials, allow parents and students to apply for library cards and make buttons for the children.

Approximately 250 children and parents were in attendance.  A special “thank you” to all of the staff members who volunteered during their summer vacation to make this event a success!

Next stop:  July 10th at McDonald Elementary School

William Ford Elementary School with tables and reading stations set up.Students experimenting with chromatography. Students sitting at a table making a book.Students sitting on the grass with a teacher listening to her read a book.Principal Higgins and student showing off their sunglasses.

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