Chief Haddad Meets with Fordson Students

Chief Haddad met with Mrs. Rana Alaouie and Fordson Honor students on January 7th.  Chief Haddad posted pictures from this meeting and the following:  “These young women are Honor students from Fordson HIgh School.  They came prepared to discuss the impact of the opioid crisis threatening our community, the consequences of distracted driving for young drivers, the emergence of technology in police work and the critical need for engagement in public service including law enforcement.  If these Tractors represent a look into the future, we are going to be fine. Moral courage, superb intellect, concern for others and commitment for advancing good order of city were evident today. Well done ladies! I am proud of each of you!”

Three female students sitting at a table and five others standing with Chief Haddad in the Chief's office.

Unis Student Returns to School – First Responders and Teachers Honored

Unis student, who had a medical emergency while swimming in the pool at McCollough-Unis on October 2nd, returned to school today.  Principal Farhat and team welcomed the student and the first responders in a small celebration. Principal Farhat presented the first responders and teachers (Mr. Courtright and Ms. Bartley) with a letter of thanks and certificate.  The classmates who were present in the pool on that fateful day also attended. The room was full of joy and thanks.

Student holding district vision sign. 
Standing with parents and first responders who saved his life.

Academies of Dearborn at Fordson News

As we continue to implement the Academies model to promote education with a purpose, we are assisting students in focusing dual enrollment opportunities.  Here’s a neat article about a 2019 Fordson graduate who earned an IT certificate as a dual enrollment student in high school. It’s very cool that her and her brother are working together for secure 24 now.   Here is a Henry Ford College article highlighting this story.

Fordson Feeder Reads at Henry Ford Elementary School

This week’s  Fordson Feeder Reads event was a success!  Staff facilitated 6 stations and the Dearborn Public Library provided a 7th station:  

  • Station 1:  Sign in and enter a raffle
  • Station 2: Make a book
  • Station 3:  Read aloud  
  • Station 4:  STEM activity
  • Station 5: Art activity
  • Station 6:  Take a book
  • Station 7:  The Dearborn Public Library staff was present to share materials, allow parents and  students to apply for library cards and make buttons for the children.

There were many children and parents in attendance. Principal Srour was also present and it is evident she is already building relationships with students, parents and staff.   A special “thank you” to all of the staff members who volunteered during their summer vacation to make this event a success!

Next stop:  July 31st at Becker Elementary School. 

Teacher reading a book to a group of students sitting on the ground.
Teachers sitting at a table with blank books.  Parent and two children standing by the table.

Fordson Feeder Reads at Lowrey

Staff provided another morning of reading and literacy activities within the Fordson Feeder. Hosted at Lowrey Elementary, this is the 4th of 7 events planned by Fordson Feeder elementary schools. Next stop: July 24th from 9:30am-11:30am at Henry Ford Elementary School. Students can hear a story, participate in hands-on literacy activities and take a book. The Dearborn Public Library staff are also on site making buttons and signing up people for library cards.

Fordson Feeder Reads Sign
Students making buttons and signing up for library cards.
Students listening to a story.
Students and parents selecting a book.
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