Fordson High School and Birmingham Seaholm High School Collaboration

Written by Zeinab Chami, Fordson Teacher

Several weeks ago, Birmingham Seaholm High School reached out to us to inquire about visiting Fordson to learn more about our culture, and our Diversity Committee students were eager to partake. Immediately, the Diversity Committee advisors, led by Norma Harb, were cognizant of the many directions this visit could take. That is why we developed a plan to ensure that this dialogue had authentic meaning and impact. Although this was a cultural exchange on the surface, the entire purpose was actually for all the students (Tractors included) to see that, as American teenagers, they are more alike than they are different. So while Seaholm students watched the documentary Fordson: Faith, Fasting, and Football in their Flex classes before coming here, we wanted to clearly communicate to them that Fordson is a mosaic of stories, and that every individual–no matter their heritage or beliefs–writes her own narrative.

On Wednesday, January 9th, everything culminated as Fordson Diversity Committee students led a dialogue with their peers from Seaholm. We decided to start our conversation with watching a TED Talk by Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie on the deep implications of stereotypes. Then, 2-3 Fordson students led discussion circles with 10-12 Seaholm students. These conversations began discussing big ideas, and they ended talking about the everyday minutiae of teen life. Our Tractor student leaders were nothing short of phenomenal! And, of course, Seaholm students were sufficiently impressed by the majesty of Fordson’s architecture. Mission: accomplished!

Group of students from Fordson and Seaholm taking a selfie.Student leading a discussion with students seated in the Fordson auditorium.  Students sitting in a circle sharing experiences.A large group of students from Fordson and Seaholm high schools holding the Dearborn vision sign.

Fordson Choir Collaborates with Chelsea High School – submitted by Matt Laura

This past week, Fordson’s Chamber Choir visited Chelsea, Michigan three times to complete the first part of our year long cultural exchange. The week culminated in two performances yesterday, Sunday, December 2nd to packed houses at First United Methodist Church. Between the performances, students ate, socialized, and toured downtown Chelsea with family groups from Chelsea’s choir. These relationships have been cultivated for three months and will last a lifetime.

Our next combined performance will be March 2nd, 2019, at Detroit Music Hall.

Students on stage singing

Fordson Key Club Volunteers

Submitted by Zinab Zreik

This past week Key clubbers were busy! During our Thursday meeting we had our traditional Thanksgiving feast with our members and Kiwanis advisors Mr. Frank and Mrs. Scaramucci. While members were enjoying the potluck, they made Thanksgiving cards to pass out during our Heartland nursing home visit on Friday. Students passed out handmade cards, interacted and met family members of the patients.

On Saturday, our members attended Gleaners food bank where they sorted out donated goods and packaged them to be sent out to families in need. They worked with members of the Freedom fellowship church who were very impressed with our students. I have attached some photos of the events.
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving break with family and friends!

Students carrying food bags

Battle Against Hunger Week

Submitted by Angela Altomonte

This week starts a tradition that started four years ago with Raad Alawan. He wanted to battle off and on the field with DHS to raise cans for families in need. It has now grown into battling against hunger as a community. All our feeder schools and major high schools are battling this week.

Our goal is 10,000 cans and 2,500 dollars for FHS! The organizations we are donating to is Zaman International food pantry for women and children, and Amity Foundation to feed about 35 families, that includes 6-8 members, this Thanksgiving. Our overall goal as a community is 30,000 cans and 7,500 dollars! We can do this if we pull together :).

It is not about the amount, but the action! Students can give whatever amount that it is they can give, please consider supporting this worthy cause.

Below are pictures and a video of high school students taking part in an interview on Channel 7 News, Sunday Morning, as well as the Turkey Trot! Ali Dabaje took second in the 2-mile run and Mariam Dabaja Third!  We raised a little over 500 dollars, after expenses, and 250 cans at the Turkey Trot. Thank you all that supported this! It was cold, but, a different experience for kids of all ages that came to participate.

Students standing at picnic table preparing for turkey trot.three students with medals from turkey trot

Fordson Students Create a Video on Voting and Having Your Voice Heard.

Students in Ms. Alaouie’s Language Arts class were given an assignment to create rhetoric in the real world; so they can see it’s everywhere. The class spent time analyzing visual texts and commercials, and were then asked to create their own. One group of students  chose to bring awareness to the social issue of voting and having your voice count. Students planned everything, from choosing a target audience, identifying the rhetorical strategies, and creating the videos and editing.

Fordson Students Participate In Wayne State University’s Giant Step Conference

Thirty of our students attended the WSU Giant Step Conference on Oct. 23, 2018, which is also National Mix It Up Lunch Day.  41 schools and 250 9th-11th graders attended the conference that promoted social harmony and inclusion through shared issues and experiences. Giant Step teens come from diverse backgrounds to share, learn and eventually uncover what they have in common.

Three of Fordson’s finest seniors were facilitators at the conference.
They were phenomenal facilitators that were trained by WSU, to facilitate youth dialogue.
group of students posing for a pictureTwo students at a podium speaking to the conference
Submitted by Norma Harb
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