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Fordson Feeder Reads at Henry Ford Elementary School

This week’s  Fordson Feeder Reads event was a success!  Staff facilitated 6 stations and the Dearborn Public Library provided a 7th station:  

  • Station 1:  Sign in and enter a raffle
  • Station 2: Make a book
  • Station 3:  Read aloud  
  • Station 4:  STEM activity
  • Station 5: Art activity
  • Station 6:  Take a book
  • Station 7:  The Dearborn Public Library staff was present to share materials, allow parents and  students to apply for library cards and make buttons for the children.

There were many children and parents in attendance. Principal Srour was also present and it is evident she is already building relationships with students, parents and staff.   A special “thank you” to all of the staff members who volunteered during their summer vacation to make this event a success!

Next stop:  July 31st at Becker Elementary School. 

Teacher reading a book to a group of students sitting on the ground.
Teachers sitting at a table with blank books.  Parent and two children standing by the table.

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